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2024 Season Softball

Assistant Coach 
Team Parent 

2024 Season Baseball

Team Parent 
Assistant Coach 

Team Staff (Manager, Assistant Coach and Team Parent)

Abuse Awareness for Adults - Click on the link.  After completing the training upload the certificate to your proflile.

Copy the link and paste new page:
Click on Base Certification
Create an account with USA Base
Click on Adubse Awareness for Adults to take the training.  Remember to upload your certiciate.

Rutgers Course - TBA  

Everyone must take the course and upload there card.  Cost $40.00*

If you have taken the course, misplace or lost your card email subject Need Replacement Card.  Provide when took the course (at least the year), where took the course.  Replacement Card $5.00*

*Subject to change Rutgers sets the price.

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